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เครื่องซีลสายพานต่อเนื่อง รุ่น FRM-1010lll

แบบแนวนอน มีชุดพิมพ์วันที่ในตัว

Novel design idea and advanced manufacturing technology are adopted to make the structure of the machine more reasonable and perfect. Apart from the functions of sealing and printing, model FRMC-1010III has the function of air suction.

FRM-1010 series is available in four models: horizontal model (FRM-1010I), vertical model (FRM-1010II), floor-standing model (FRM-1010III), and floor-standing model with the function of air suction (FRMC-1010III).

The machine can seal all kinds of heat-sealable materials, which adopts a constant temperature control system and step-less speed adjusting transmission mechanism. The machine works with a solid-ink coder to print the colored labels while sealing. The coder is able to print at high speed with instant dry and highly legible letters that have good adhesion properties. The printing wheel in the machine can be used for both R arrange and T arrange of types. For types in R arrange, the machine can print two lines in font size two (18PT) or three lines in font size five (10.5PT).



Reliable performance

Simple operation

Convenient maintenance

Wide range of application

Constant temperature control system

Stepless speed regulation

With printing function

Various color ink wheels are selectable

Counting device is optional



1. FRM-1010 series plastic film bag continuous sealing machine is suitable for sealing all kinds of heat-sealed packages continuously. Such as PE bag, accordion bag, aluminum foil bag, kraft paper bag, electrostatic bag, Yin-Yang bag.

2. It widely use in the food, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, agriculture, lubricating oil, and other industries.

3. To use in the place where there is a restriction on space, such as small factory, monopolization shop, and workshop, etc.


Voltage   (V/Hz) AC 220/50 110/60
Motor Power (W) 100
Suction   Pump Power (W)
Sealing Power (W) 400×2
Printing   Heating Power (W) 40×2
Speed (m/min) 0-12 (0-16)
Sealing   Width (mm) 10
Temperature Range (℃) 0-300
Printing   Type Solid-Ink Roller
Distance from Sealing Center to Conveyor Table (mm) 10-40
Distance from   Base plate to Interior Conveyor (mm) 85-115
Conveyor Table Size (L × W) (mm) 1065×205
Net Weight (kg) 55
Overall Conveyor Loading (kg) ≤10
External   Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1065×550×960




น้ำหนัก 28 กก.
ขนาด 95 × 39 × 34.5 เซนติเมตร



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