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เครื่องติดสติ๊กเกอร์ รุ่น KL-S250Z


Product Introduction

Manual sticker labeling Machine is suitable for labeling of various flat, curved, circumferential, concave, convex or other irregular surfaces in the cosmetics, food, toy, daily chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical and other industries; it has both manual and automatic labels. Various labeling methods, high equipment stability, labeling accuracy ±0.5mm.

Performance characteristics of Manual sticker labeling Machine:

◆Manual sticker labeling Machine has powerful function, can be used for labeling of flat, arc surface, concave surface of various workpieces, and can be used for labeling of irregular workpieces;

◆Manual sticker labeling Machine is accurate labeling, high stability, using PLC + subdivided stepping motor to drive the label delivery, the label delivery is accurate; the feeding mechanism is equipped with a brake function to ensure that the label is tightened and the label is detected; the label is deviated and the correction mechanism is used to prevent the label Offset left and right

◆Manual sticker labeling Machine is man-machine dialogue touch screen, convenient and intuitive operation, with rich help function and fault display function;

◆Manual sticker labeling Machine is easy to adjust, equipped with adjustable height and low stroke function, labeling products of different heights, no need to repeatedly replace jigs;

◆Manual sticker labeling Machine has optional functions and components: hot coding/printing function; simultaneous coding and labeling; special label electric eye.

Product Parameter

Model KL-S250Z
Voltage AC220V 50-60Hz
Power 150 W
Labeling Speed (pcs/min) 15-30
Labeling Accuracy(mm) ±0.5mm
Roller Diameter ≥ φ 76mm
Roller Outside Diameter ≤ φ 250mm
Bottle Size Diameter: φ 10-150mm
Label Size W:20-230mm, L:20-300mm
Dimension 950x560x530mm
Weight 34kg


น้ำหนัก 75 กก.
ขนาด 105 × 55 × 110 เซนติเมตร

Black, Green, Indigo


Large, Small



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